Carrara White Marble

Carrara marble: a luxury at your fingertips

Natural stone has been, since ancient times, a highly valued material in construction and interior design and, of course, in art. For example, Michelangelo was going to personally select the blocks of Carrara marble that he would use in his works, such as La Piedad or David. Precisely the prestigious Carrara marble is produced in the northern part of Tuscany, in Italy, in the Apuan Alps region, and has quarries from which this appreciated variety of white Carrara marble is extracted, synonymous with quality and luxury.  Do you want to know the composition, the applications in architecture and interior design, the peculiarities, and the maintenance of Carrara marble? Well, keep reading, we reveal everything about this reputed stone.



Marble in general, and Carrara marble is no exception, it is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate, which defines the white color of Carrara marble, and its nuances are the result of the intrusion of some components, such as Magnesium silicates, mica, quartz, chlorite, iron oxide … Hence, the color of Carrara marble ranges from white/grey to pearl white and it is common to see very fine gray streaks (sometimes bluish-gray). In addition, the white Carrara marble is fine-grained and floury in appearance.

Three varieties of white Carrara marble can be distinguished, depending on the chromatic tone of the background mass: one with a very white matrix and a slightly marked veining; another second option with a not so white background and, finally, the variety with a darker background, in a pearl gray-white. For their part, the quarries active today are located in three places: Colonnata, Ravaccione, and Fantiscritti. The extraction of marble in this area of ​​the Italian Apuan Alps has very ancient origins and currently, the stone is cut with diamond wire, making each piece unique and unrepeatable, as happens with everything in nature.



Carrara white marble is a suitable material for homes, offices, and commercial premises due to its beauty, durability, and elegance. This variety of marble is basically applied to cover walls, floors, bathroom or kitchen countertops, backsplash in the fire area, stairs, or chimney mouth. Besides, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, for example, in the latter case, as facades. More applications? Of course, also shaping tabletops (dining room or auxiliary), sideboard tops, armchair feet, or very sculptural complete pieces, such as a table. Undoubtedly, this 119 century Carrara marble is in trend and is used in spectacular design furniture, providing sophistication and style. We even find it in lighting fixtures and decoration accessories, such as trays.


It is marketed in many formats, sizes, and thicknesses, and the finish in which we will most commonly see it will be polished, whose brightness will reflect the light, highlighting its spectacular nature, even more, achieving environments with great personality and character. Although it must be taken into account not to use polishing as flooring because it would be slippery. And it is that Carrara marble is a stone that also admits other types of finishes, such as honed, aged, or sandblasted, to highlight only a few.



Carrara white marble has excellent characteristics, it is a resistant and highly attractive noble material, although it is still porous, which means that its care must be done with the appropriate products since, for example, it is susceptible to acids. In general, it is simply scrubbed with lukewarm water or, at most, with a soapy solution with a neutral cleanser. And to prolong its natural shine, it is advisable to apply special marble sealing from time to time. In the event that scratches or scratches have been marked on the surface over time, the solution is to polish the floor/counters. As a curiosity, precisely the word marble comes from Latin Marmor, which etymologically means a stone that can be polished.


If white Carrara marble is to be used in areas exposed to water, such as in the shower or kitchen countertop, the stone must be treated with a special coating based on special sealing resins, to keep it in optimal condition.


Carrara White Marble Natural Stone

Carrara White Marble Natural Stone


White Carrara

White Carrara







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