Kitchen countertop, which one to choose

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

Whether it’s an industrial, rustic, modern, or contemporary look that you’re going for, there’ll be a countertop to suit. While we often consider what’s going to look good, there are other important factors such as budget and ease of cleaning that shouldn’t be overlooked.

We’ve put 4 Natural Stone countertop materials to the test in our labs,


Quartzite Stone Countertop

If you are interested in practicality and elegance, Quartzite stone is your answer. This is probably one of the most popular options today. It does need maintenance just like a marble.

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock with a glossy appearance. It is a natural stone that is 100% quartz, only with more tightly compacted grains.

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Marble Countertop Slabs

Marble is a natural stone like granite and is suitable for the kitchen at the highest level if the price is not a concern. Remember it is gentle and needs to be treated properly. Marble is more porous than granite, so sealing and regular maintenance are a must.


Calacatta marble is a distinctive Italian marble of whites and gold. Available in both honed and polished finishes, this elegant … Ideal for classical statues, fountains, and other masterworks, the pristine appearance of Statuary White makes it phenomenal…


Carrara marble

Quite often countertops are made of marble. Carrara marble products are especially popular. Carrara marble comes in different shades, but the most popular and affordable is white with gray veins. Caring for marble is not easy (it is afraid of mechanical stress, acids, and active chemicals), but if everything is done correctly, such a tabletop will serve for years. A big plus of Carrara marble is its cost. It is less expensive to buy than some granite countertops.


As you can see, each material has its own shortcomings, which can be leveled under certain operating conditions. Of the listed widows, granite countertops are recognized as one of the most expensive. There are also cheaper analogs, which can be inferior to granite in beauty and elegance. And only you can decide whether to buy a granite countertop for your kitchen or a product from another, possibly more durable, but less elegant stylish material.

Marble countertop Westchester New YorkMarble countertop Westchester New York

Quartz Stone Countertop

The trend for “real imitations” kitchen countertops around NYC continues. quartz stone, like Caesarstone, now looks like marble or even polished concrete. It’s created from 93% quartz aggregates, organic pigments, and resins. You get a high-performance surface with great stain and scratch resistance.


Quartz Countertops have the feel and weight of natural stone and due to their color consistency, they are better than any other natural stone. Before the countertop is ready to install in your kitchen, there are a few processes that it needs to go through first.

This hardwearing material boasts many of the same qualities as granite such as the look and feel of the popular stone countertop.

Quartz CountertopsQuartz Countertops

Granite countertops Stone

Granite countertops are a very popular choice and bring timeless beauty into every kitchen.

many love granite because of its resistance to heated pots and pans and how easily it can be cleaned.

granite is crystalline igneous rock and is one of the hardest materials in the world.


Granite countertops are made up of 100% pure and natural stone mined straight from the earth.

Unlike quartz countertops, a granite countertop is totally natural stone.


Granite countertop is one of the hardest materials on earth, formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface.

countertops made from granite are extremely hard-wearing & won’t scratch under normal use and are easy to clean & maintain.


Granite Countertop

Granite Countertop

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