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Westchester County Countertop Kitchen Remodeling

Do you wish to offer your kitchen a brand new look? Looking for stone Kitchen Countertops? There are thousands of different shades of granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite for your selection. In order for you to get there, the steps go down as follows

Choice of design. It is crucial for you to know exactly what you want your new kitchen space to look like. This is the part where you go on and consult magazines and brochures and make for yourself a clear idea, so you can put it in a language that can be understood by any technician (if you wish to hand over the job to someone). You may choose to DIY. If that is your choice then we hope you have or intend to acquire the necessary qualifications to run the process to a successful end.

Layout of the kitchenIf the previous stage was successful, Then, your next step is either have someone draw up a layout or do it yourslef. Just measure the lenghth by the width of the counter and sen dit in with the stone you want and its that easy to get a quote.

Install. You chose the stone and they will provide it to you. Natural stone products from all around the world are available, of the highest quality natural stone at competitive pricing.

If you have ever wanted to remodel your kitchen space then you have asked yourself this question, how long does it take? From the day of template to the day of install, it may vary between 1 – 2 weeks. The overall time depends on factors like: complexity of design requested (appliances installed) and installation time proper. The Standard overhang is 10”-12”.

Granite Kitchen Countertops in Westchester County NY

Granite Kitchen Countertops in Westchester County NY

Kitchen countertops should be installed before appliances, if not installed then ask the templator before what he needs there to template. Sometimes they do not have to be installed just there for them to see. But what is most important here is the template measurements. Be it the sink any other kitchen appliance, its dimension should be taken and taken into consideration when shaping the stone. Then when the stone is installed, the appliances can be installed afterwards.

It is important to have the devices (sink, faucets, soap pumps and cooktops) at hand for the final measure and template process. This is essential for the technicians to make accurate cuts in the countertop. If a backsplash is being installed, confirm with your countertop installer that they also do backsplash installations. If the backsplash is going up to meet the bottom of the upper cabinets, around a range hood, or to the base of a microwave make sure everything is there at template and talked about.

All appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves need to be at template or installation depending on the kitchen design.


Quartz Countertops in Westchester County NY

Quartz Countertops in Westchester County NY

Marble Countertops in Westchester County NY

Marble Countertops in Westchester County NY


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