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Marble Countertops in Westchester County, NY

Marble vanities can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa or make a unique interior in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. This natural stone called marble was successfully used in ancient times to decorate majestic temples and palaces. Today, natural marble is indispensable in the manufacture of columns, railings, benches, tiles, windowsills, kitchen countertops and other decorative elements. It has an extensive palette of colors and patterns, goes well with finishes and building materials made of wood, glass, ceramics and metal.

Marble Countertops in Westchester County NY

Marble Countertops in Westchester County NY

Marble for countertops is an excellent solution, since it allows you to get products of various shapes and sizes. The main property of this natural stone, the most essential for designers, is a wide variety of shades and textures, so it’s easy to choose a marble countertop that will fully comply with the design features of any room, there are so many colors there is no way to go wrong. It is possible to choose a shade exactly to the tone of the existing color scheme you have, or make it a bright addition to the general background.


Marble, as a finishing material, is able to conquer anything. Thanks to the unique pattern, pleasant textures, a variety of shades, marble organically fits into modern interiors. With it, you can achieve exceptional designs. The Greeks first appreciated the magnificence of marble. They were attracted not only by its flexibility during processing, but also by the absolute smoothness and brilliance of the finished product. marble is a unique rock formation. Today you have many different kinds of marble but the White Calacatta Marble or the White Carrara marble are the most popular of them all especially in the houses of our clients in Weschester, New York. The Calacatta Marble is used as a kitchen countertops more often in the Westchester county area then any other.


There are several varieties of this rock. Most often, white marble is used for interior design. White marble without a single vein is considered the standard of this rock. It looks great in minimalist interiors, giving a particular asceticism to the room. White marble is an indispensable material for interior decoration in a classic style.


Marble countertops in Westchester County County in New York

Marble countertops in Westchester County County in New York

Marble countertops in westchester NY

Marble countertops in westchester NY




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