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White Granite Countertops Long Island NY

Long Island’s Nassau County New York, and Suffolk County New York has always been a special place for me. As a local who grew up there, since I was a little kid I remember being interested in the countertop market. All the colors, textures, styles and trends got me fascinated by it. For me, it was a magical experience being able to watch how this industry evolved to what it is today. The rise of Quartz and White Quartz, White Granite, and Granite’s tenacity, Marble’s everlasting timeless design are just a few of the changes that occurred in the worktop world.

If you want to be up to speed with the latest trends and have all the necessary information needed to have one of the top kitchen designs in Long Island, then you have come to the right place.

White granite countertop long island NY

White granite countertop long island NY

Top choices in Long Island

A question I get a lot is about the best countertop material for a ”Long Islander” kitchen. In my opinion its Marble or Granite. Granite has and is one of the most reliable materials out there that you can use, with a bewildering number of benefits, Granite is an amazing choice. On the other hand, Marble has an amazing combination of timeless design and culture.

Every material has its own appeal, but there are a few must-know factors about these stones.

Granite: PROS

● Longevity: Granite is a natural stone, with this in mind you have the option to renew your countertop in a time of need.

● Heat and Scratch Resistance: Granite is a very durable material making it one of the best when it comes to this area of worries.

● Adds House Value

Granite: CONS

● Can chip or crack.

● Absorbent: Granite is an absorbent material, meaning that if not sealed correctly could end of absorbing liquids, for example, oil.

● Non-Porous.

Marble: PROS

● Designs: Marble is a classic and timeless beauty, making sure you’ll have a one of a kind style.

● Cost: Marble to some degree can be expensive, but there are some of the models that are actually more affordable. Check Carrara Marble, and see how much cheaper it is.

● Availability: Nearly ever stone fabricator sells Marble.

Marble: CONS

● Scratching and Stains: Marble when compared to Granite scratches and stains more easily.

It’s up to you to decide which one is better and works best for you.

White granite countertops long island NY

White granite countertops long island NY






What about Quartz Countertops?

Quartz, a material that has become one of the most demanding material in the industry, has transformed the market. Quartz is an engineered stone that has started to become widely used in the ’90s, only in recent years has Quartz been able to compete with Granite. Quartz is a must know about the material. A composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive, (most commonly polymer resin, with some newer versions using cement mix), this combination makes Quartz the most durable material in the market.  Here are a few PROS and CONS you should know:

White quartz countertops long island NY

White quartz countertops long island NY


● NON-POROUS: Great for countertop Hygiene.

● Cost: Can vary from cheap to very expensive.


● Expensive: Some types of Quartz can be expensive.

● Not suited for outdoor use.

These are just a few factors you should take into consideration when thinking about getting a Quartz worktop.

In-Depth about Quartz

Besides the PROS and CONS of Quartz, there are some other facts you should also know, in a form of honing, buffing and of course a more descriptive to estimate the cost of a Quartz kitchen.

Honing:  Honing is for those of you that want to upgrade your countertop and not change the whole worktop itself. Honing offers you a softer, more natural feel. Quartz, when honed, can take a look of a slate, limestone, etc, the beauty of this is that it doesn’t inherent delicate qualities that comes from a softer stone.

Buffing:  Buffing your Quartz countertop is more than possible and is even needed at times. You could say Buffing your worktop is a small act with a large scale positive effect. Here are a few Simple steps to follow.

● Step 1: Dampen a sponge and add a quarter-sized amount of quartz cleaner to the center. Afterward, wipe down the surface area with the sponge.

● Step 2: Start cleaning the surface with clean hot water with a soft cloth.

● Step 3: Rub a soft, lint-free cloth back and forth across the surface of the quartz. Continue until you have buffed the entire surface area using this back and forth movement. -Doing this will leave your Quartz countertop shiny almost like Granite.

Quartz cost Estimation:  It’s difficult to give an accurate, universal quartz price per square foot since many factors go into determining how much the materials and installation will cost, but here are a few aspects to consider.

1)Type of Quartz: For example, White Quartz will have a different cost.

2) Quality of the material.



Choosing the countertop of your dreams is no simple task, but when can assure you that after having your ideal worktop in your kitchen it will be worth it.

White Granite Slabs

White Granite Slabs

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